Hello, Friend
A Guide to Making Friends



Follow Little Dude on a wonderful adventure in his Big World to discover how Little Dude makes a new friend.

This is a book you can read and sing!

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A Guide to Making Friends is a comprehensive workbook that explains how to make a friend, how to be a good friend, being an includer and how to navigate relationships. There are practical tips and ideas for caregivers and teachers. Eye capturing illustrations will delight and engage readers. Ages 3-7.

Available in hardcover or as an e-book direct download to your computer, phone or tablet.

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Teaching Tips:

  1. Go to HOW TO BE A FRIEND page in the guide, read through the suggestions and see if you can come up with any other ideas of how to be a friend.
  2. Go to SIMILARITIES + DIFFERENCES page in the guide, discuss qualities about your appearance, personality, likes + dislikes that make you similar and different.
  3. A way to help children understand how to be a good friend, is through role play. Grab a partner and role play different scenarios, for example, sharing, saying kind words or standing up for a friend.

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