We follow the CASEL framework.
ACTIVITIES for parents + teachers

Curated by a teacher and mother.
Hands-on activities for children aged 3-7.
Fun, engaging, easy to follow lessons.
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Our Mission
To develop self-aware and socially-aware little humans.

The Big World of Little Dude curriculum was developed using The Collaborative for Social Emotional Learning (CASEL) five core competencies of social emotional learning:

(1) self-awareness, (2) self-management, (3) responsible decision-making, (4) social awareness and (5) relationship skills. Each lesson has been diligently researched, curated, pilot tested and refined within diverse age classroom environments. The Big World of Little Dude curriculum is literacy-based and corresponds with a book series. You can buy or download the books here.

When children are age three to six, they are in the most sensitive learning period; it’s a time when children absorb the highest levels of information about the world around them. The Big World of Little Dude curriculum is developed for children ages three to six, and is created specifically for preschool to grade one, as teaching SEL to young children creates the strongest foundation from which to grow.

The Big World of Little Dude curriculum was developed to be flexible. Each lesson is designed to be used when it suits your classroom routine, schedule and teaching rituals. You can complete the entire lesson as-is, or you can break it up into small bite-sized mini lessons, to fit it into your day or weekly lesson plan. Take advantage of this flexibility and apply the lessons to your existing classroom structure.

6 fun and free activities to do, right now!

Here is a sample of fun, engaging, and hands-on activities that can be completed at home or in the classroom to introduce, promote and encourage social and emotional growth together with your little ones.