Introducing Little Dude’s “At-Home Lessons”
Homeschooling Made Easy

Little Dude’s “At-Home Lessons” is a revolutionary program designed to make homeschooling a young child (ages 3-7) an enjoyable and enriching experience. Developed, tested, and approved by leading early-childhood education specialists, Little Dude’s “At-Home Lessons” allow parents or guardians of little children to all thrive especially during these uncertain times – without relying on screens or technology. Best of all, no teaching experience is required. Order your curriculum and put your child on a homeschooling path to success today!

Little Dude’s “At-Home Lessons”

120 hands-on, fun and engaging activities.
Easy and simple to follow lessons.
Worksheet package included.


Little Dude’s “School-in-a-Box”

All the materials you need.
50 items to make homeschooling easy.
We have done the work for you.


“Lessons” + “Box” Bundle

A curriculum and materials package.
Turn your home into a classroom!
Save with purchasing the “Lessons” + “Box”


Sharing is Caring – BUY one GIVE one!

Through a partnership with New Yorkers for Children, a 501(c)3 non-profit affiliated with New York City’s Administration for Children, you may purchase the “At-Home Lessons” and “School-in-a-Box” bundle that will be distributed to a child in need.


Sharing is Caring – BUY one GIVE one!

“Big World of Little Dude offers a wonderful opportunity to engage children in the importance and practice of kindness from an early age. This is sure to be a useful resource to parents and educators for years to come.”

Jennifer Kahn
Making Caring Common &
Harvard Graduate School of Education

“When the children knew that Cara and Little Dude were joining us, their faces lit up with excitement. The activities which emphasized various facets of kindness were fun and engaging. We loved having Cara and Little Dude in our classroom!”

Cailyn DeBie
Teacher at West Side Montessori School

“Cara is great at engaging our younger patrons, lessons are both intentional and fun. Little Dude has a wide appeal for multiple age groups and children walk away with a new kindness skill for their emotional toolkit.”

New York Public Library

“Cara really knows her stuff. Little Dude is the sweetest, cutest dog
and he patiently accommodated
all of the love the kids had to give him.”

Books Are Magic
Brooklyn, New York

“Little Dude is adored by the children he visits
and brings them both healing and joy.”

The Good Dog Foundation