A comprehensive literacy-based curriculum designed to cultivate social and emotional skills for children aged 4 to 7. The aim of the Kindness Education Curriculum is to promote positive socialization while developing a strong sense of community.

To nurture positive outcomes of kindness and empathy for children aged 4 to 7. We accomplish our mission through an engaging, evidence-based social and emotional curriculum. We introduce tools for children to manage their emotions through self-regulation, social awareness and empathy. We help build foundations to create and sustain positive relationships and provide practical skills to facilitate responsible decision-making.


  • Self-Management: Managing emotions and behaviors.
  • Self-Awareness: Understanding one’s emotions and how to facilitate challenges and frustrations – in a calm and positive way.
  • Social Awareness and Relationship Skills: Understanding others’ feelings, having empathy and interacting with diverse groups.
  • Responsible Decision-Making: Making positive and ethical choices about behavior, constructive conflict resolution skills and seeking help when necessary.

There are three overarching goals for the curriculum:

  •  To reduce acts of bullying, while promoting pro-social behavior.
  • To build community while nurturing a positive school environment.
  • To enhance individual capacity for improved academic learning.

The key elements of the curriculum are:

  • Social and Emotional Literacy Program: This shared reading experience integrates storytelling about the key program themes (kindness, manners, feelings, respect, empathy and courage), reinforced by activities and songs related to each theme. This multi-discipline approach enables active group participation that will result in dynamic discussion.
  • Puppet Component: Children interact with a puppet (controlled by the teacher/puppeteer), which makes an excellent tool for engagement, motivation, participation and shared experiences.
  • Canine Experience (Optional): Students are able to participate in an observational and sensory experience with the real life therapy dog Little Dude, whose presence in the classroom focuses children and serves as the inspiration to support social and emotional learning.

The Kindness Education Curriculum is a series of six lessons, taught over a six-week period. Each lesson is approximately 30-45 minutes in duration.

Included in the standard curriculum package is:

  1. Six books covering themes of kindness, manners, feelings, respect, empathy and courage.
  2. An educator’s lesson plan overview, with introduction to the program, tips for how to teach it, and sample teaching scripts for consideration.
  3. Classroom interactivity kit that includes: a Little Dude puppet, therapy scarfs for each child upon completion of the program and stickers.

If your school or library is located in the Tri-State area (NY/NJ/CT), Big World of Little Dude author Cara Zelas is available to teach the class or train the teachers for the curriculum. If you are interested in inviting Cara into your school or library, email:


Through the use of technology, classrooms and libraries can connect from all over the world. We can be beamed into your classroom via tablet, computer or Smart Board, the only application you will need is Skype. We are offering free Skype mini lessons where children have the experience to meet the author, Cara Zelas and both Little Dude’s (the real therapy dog and his puppet), ask questions and engage in a reading or activity.

You can choose either:

  • A 15-minute reading with time for question and answers
  • A 15-minute lesson linked to the book selected with time for questions and answers. (Hard copies or downloadable books can be purchased prior to the lesson)

Time slots are limited, so please book in advance.
For availability, contact

Link to download Skype:
Find us by searching for: Little Dude NYC