Little Dude invites you into his Big World of adventures.

Explore the book series, where each story can be both read and sung. Includes how-to guides containing activities, poems, cartoons and more. For children ages 4 to 7, these books can be used in the classroom or at home to explore social and emotional themes that will help children flourish.

Discover the Big World of Little Dude Curriculum™.
A concierge curriculum delivered by certified teachers.
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The book series is unique!

You can read AND sing the story!
Featuring the Friendship Book + How-to Guide to Making Friends.

Get a copy of The Friendship Book here.



What is social and emotional learning?

Social and emotional learning gives children the tools to help navigate and regulate emotions, cultivate relationships, express empathy and kindness, set goals and foster effective communication and decision-making skills.


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Big World of Little Dude offers a wonderful opportunity to engage children in the importance and practice of kindness from an early age. This is sure to be a useful resource to parents and educators for years to come.

Jennifer Kahn
Making Caring Common &
Harvard Graduate School of Education

When the children knew that Cara and Little Dude were joining us, their faces lit up with excitement. The activities which emphasized various facets of kindness were fun and engaging. We loved having Cara and Little Dude in our classroom!

Cailyn DeBie
Teacher at West Side Montessori School